7.2.1 Demand analysis and front-end interface design

7.2.1 Demand analysis and front-end interface design

[Title cited]: What are the requirements of the condenser design program? We most hope that by inputting the evaporator operating conditions (such as fin parameters, condensing load, cooling medium physical parameters, cooling pipe heat flux density, etc.), the parameters of the evaporator heat exchange components (such as the number of processes, the total length of the cooling pipes, etc.) can be automatically calculated Etc.), even hope to be able to directly export the drawings.

Based on the above requirements, how to layout our design program interface? May wish to draw:

How to implement such a control layout? We use the bootstrap framework and find a few key controls to modify and combine. For example, the content of the tab control:

Form content:

Combine it to get the design at the beginning of this article.

Software implementation is a handicraft. If you do it, you will encounter many difficulties. The process of solving the difficulties is the process of learning. There is no code here for the time being. (End of text)

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