Selected VS Code high-frequency plug-ins, let you accompany npy more!

Selected VS Code high-frequency plug-ins, let you accompany npy more!

Featured VS Code high-frequency plug-ins


"Taste: Filet Mignon"

"Cooking time: 5min"

This article has been included in Github, a warehouse of the same name in the front-end canteen. Welcome to the canteen. If you think the food and wine are delicious, enjoying a Star is a great encouragement to the canteen owner.

1.TODO Highlight

Highlight your TODO, FIXME, support custom keywords and appearance, which can play a good prompt role.

2.Vetur + Prettier + ESLint

After resolving the conflict, use the perfect formatting code together, and you must learn to be lazy if you can leave it to the machine.

3.Highlight Matching Tag

Real-time highlight matching tags, no need to find tags in HTML dazzlingly.

4.javascript console utils

Quickly generate console.log(), a powerful tool for debugging, mom no longer has to worry about your knuckles.

5.Code Runner

Run code with one key, support many languages.

6.Comment Translate

The plug-in uses the Google Translate API to translate comments, which is powerful and useful when looking at the source code of open source projects (please ignore if the English is good).

7.Image preview

Picture preview, you can preview the picture in the slot to the left of the code line number (or when hovering).

8.Version Lens

Display package version information, and display information such as the latest version of the package in package.json.


Real-time display of colors in css, sass, jsx.

10.Auto Close Tag

Automatically complete tags.

11.Auto Rename Tag

Synchronously modify the label.

12.Bracket Pair Colorizer

The matching brackets are highlighted in different colors.

13.Code Spell Checker

Check spelling of words.


The programming time recording tool displays your programming time graphically in its official website Dashboard, allowing you to more clearly grasp where your time has gone.

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