How to locate Linux high-frequency problems at work in 1 minute

How to locate Linux high-frequency problems at work in 1 minute

For programmers, do they have to master the Linux operating system?

Recall the Google search, Taobao shopping, and QQ and WeChat chats you use. In fact, behind these software and services are thousands of Linux servers supporting them.

For software engineers, you will almost certainly encounter the application scenarios of Linux. If you can’t operate Linux proficiently, it basically means half your skills and half your chances.

But the biggest difficulty in learning Linux is that its instructions involve all aspects, and each command has a lot of related parameters. It is no clue to learn, and the information on the network is also uneven. If you encounter problems, you don't know where to start.

After mastering the basic knowledge, I am at a loss for Linux performance optimization. How to find tools based on indicators? Or find indicators based on tools? How to quickly locate performance problems? What are the logic and steps for performance analysis?

Or I still want to learn operating system principles in depth, but I can't remember the core process, and I don't know if there is a clear and concise schematic diagram to assist my understanding.

Today I recommend a " big object ", 1.56 meters (approximately the length of the arms spread) Linux operating system knowledge map , produced by the GeekTime team, which can be described as the hardest IT skills map in 2019. The above questions can help you solve.

As long as your job is related to the operating system, this knowledge map will definitely become an indispensable assist in your interview and work.

13 major systems, 22 modules to refine core ideas

Too many instructions in Linux are too complicated? Don't be afraid anymore! This book contains summary content of 22 modules in three systems: "Basic Knowledge System", "Performance Optimization Practice", and "Operating System Principles", presented in the form of brain maps, flowcharts, tables, etc. Concise and clear, the knowledge points you are looking for are clear at a glance.

2 Quickly build a knowledge system of Linux operating system

The content is almost comprehensive, super practical, and full of dry goods. It can help you learn and quickly build the entire Linux knowledge framework, check for omissions, and light up your own skill tree.

3Quickly check commonly used Linux operating commands, performance tools and indicators

Very practical, it can help you quickly locate 80% of the high-frequency problems in your work, analyze the problems and solve the problems in one step, and feel safe in the workplace. Don't panic anymore when you encounter performance problems, analyze it logically and solve it in minutes.

So far, the so-called picture is worth a thousand words. Whether it is a technical novice or a senior programmer, who wants to avoid detours and quickly grasp the Linux knowledge system, this map is definitely worthy of your careful study. It can be posted anywhere. Look always new, always rewarding.

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