7 Small-scale refrigeration design and light application development

7 Small-scale refrigeration design and light application development

[Title Quote]: It's 9012, are you still doing refrigeration design by calculator? Here we introduce the application of javascript programming in the design of small refrigeration, to avoid repetitive and annoying manual calculations. The case in Wu Yezheng's "Small Refrigeration Design" is selected here for comparison.

Why use HTML5/javascript to program? Can other computer programming languages ​​be used? The answer is yes, but as an all-round programming language for computer stars that has developed rapidly in recent years, js can do machine learning, Internet of Things, virtual reality, OCR, etc. The advantages of js have been repeatedly stated in the previous article. The following is the TIOBE in March 2019 The ranking of computer language usage.

js ranks 7th and has performed very well as a rising star. Let's take a look at some of the difficulties in programming in other mainstream computer languages:

①C/C++: Choosing it is the destruction of self and body, but if you don’t give up after the destruction, there may be something different. Before learning C/C++ programming, you need to learn to install the GCC compiler, configure environment variables, and learn how to write MakeFile. When you figure it out, 1-2 weeks may have passed; you can write programs, and you must continue to learn GDB debugging. You have to learn so much before you start learning C++. When you finish studying the relatively new C++11, you will find that the C++ standard is updated every year, and you may not be able to finish it for a lifetime. Finally, I have a little knowledge of C++, and I need to learn MFC interface programming, and several weeks have passed, learning 3D programming, learning drawing... etc. So, of course, the C language is enough. A good IDE can solve many problems, such as the strongest IDE in the universe: Visual Studio.

②VB: A better choice, drag and drop components to complete the interface layout, and the coding is simple. But it is also inseparable from the runtime.

③Matlab: It seems that the installation of the 2019 version requires 15G, and it seems that it is not glorious to use pirated versions. It is also a very good choice, but the target machine cannot run without installation.

④C#/WPF: To write a few lines of code, you need to install hundreds of M. Net Frameworks; off-topic, Microsoft's own products such as Visual Studio Code are written in js. I wonder if M$ has given up C#/WPF?

⑤python: The learning curve for beginners is relatively high. The syntax is similar to but different from VB. The post-processing can be combined with matplotlib library to achieve exquisite charts. You need to install the python environment to run.

For a comparison of the image of computer languages, you can check the analogy below (original http://coolshell.cn/articles/6639.html):

The js function is not as powerful as C/C++, but it is very practical and can quickly solve the conventional problems at hand. This part introduces CAD drawing drawing, refrigeration APP design and realization respectively. In refrigeration design, how fast and economical can javascript do those things?

  • Calculation, numerical solution of large algebraic equations
  • Simple CAD drawing, whether 2D or 3D
  • 3D programming
  • Interface development, such as extjs, jqueryUI, easyUI, bootstrap, etc.

We can use js to solve refrigeration design in one stop, from theoretical design, user input interface, to drawing output. The most important thing is that the development efficiency is greatly improved, which is unmatched by other languages.

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