I give programmers some suggestions for new handwritten resumes

I give programmers some suggestions for new handwritten resumes

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Recently, I helped many friends review their resumes. In summary, there are the following problems:

Too many pages of resume

Please try not to exceed two pages. Generally, the time to read your resume per hr is about 20s, or even less. Writing so many pages is not only unnecessary, but also harmful. And I suspect that the average fresh graduate is unlikely to write a three-page resume. Some people say that you can’t write three pages because of your poor level and lack of experience. According to me, writing three or four pages is not a rich resume, but not writing at all.

A lot of useless information

This useless information specifically includes:

  • Nationality, height, membership, specific home address, constellation
  • Own hobbies. Is there a connection between playing basketball and writing code?
  • Self-evaluation should be at most one sentence, not a lumps of lumps. It is recommended not to write a self-evaluation, it is too watery and too boring.
  • The logo of the school. Frankly speaking, everyone is only interested in which school you are from, and not cold about your school's logo.
  • photo. Recruiting programmers is not hiring a lady of etiquette and public relations, big brother. The face value is not particularly high, so forget it.

Too colloquial

"Done," "made," and "made" can be replaced with words such as "completed", "designed", "implemented", "deployed" and the like.

Disorganized content

One by one, one by one, there is no certain classification and style. It is recommended to be divided into categories such as personal information, project experience, internship experience, and award certificates.

It is recommended not to use this form (time and semester mixed):

  • Completed the xxxx system on the freshman year
  • Completed the xxxx system in the sophomore year
  • 2013-2014 completed the xxxx system
  • Completed the xxxx system in the junior year

It is recommended to use a unified time axis, for example.

  • 2013.9-2014.7 completed the xxxx system
  • 2014.7-2015.6 completed the xxxx system
  • 2016.1-2018.3 completed the xxxx system

Missing expected position

Do you want to apply for a Java R&D engineer, a C++ R&D engineer, a Python R&D engineer, an algorithm engineer, or a product manager?

Don't use vocabulary carefully

While using "proficient" with caution, don't all be "understanding", right?

Missing gender

There is still a big difference between programmers and programmers. However, this may involve sensitive political/sex discrimination issues. Controversial. But if it is a program lady, as far as I know, it is not discrimination, but priority admission. Haha. awesome.

Use QQ mailbox

Including writing QQ mailbox in contact mailbox and sending resume with QQ mailbox. Many companies have blacklisted QQ mailboxes. Even if you usually use QQ chat, do you still use QQ mailbox to send emails?

File format with doc

It is recommended to send only pdf format, doc format is prone to various display problems.

The file name is too random

The file name is suggested "Li San-C++ R&D Engineer-Master-XX University.pdf" like this.

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