My 2017 year-end summary

My 2017 year-end summary

2017 year-end summary

The way home is a bit boring, let’s briefly review the gains and losses of 2017

In the first two months from March to May, I used C# to finish a small wpf project. It was a full stop for my first half of my .net career (though I don’t know if I adopted it in the end). Later, the project team changed the technology stack. , I chose the more interesting web development, so I embarked on another technical route.

There is a precious project gap between June and July, I found some videos to watch, and brushed a few classic books (see below)

From August to the end of the year, I started 4 projects one after another for seven months, learning and doing it. It can be said that it is a process of practicing some shallow knowledge on paper, and it took a lot of effort to understate some books. To understand the context, some of the rich and colorful technologies are outdated and obsolete, which also reminds us that it is more efficient to read books without asking for a thorough understanding.

personal blog

At the beginning, I always put notes on the note-taking software. Later, I felt that I didn’t know if someone made a mistake. I still had to share it on my personal blog . I could exercise my expressive skills and others could discuss and correct me. Why not do it.

From the first article published on September 7, 2017 to 2018.2.14, I have received 118a total of collections and 8likes. I was happy for a long time when I was collected for the first time...?

In general, it has benefited a lot.

Books read in 2017

  • JavaScript DOM programming art
  • JavaScript advanced programming 
  • JavaScript design pattern (Zhang Rongming)
  • JavaScript mode
  • The essence of JavaScript language
  • JavaScript object-oriented essentials
  • Effective JavaScript
  • Graphic Http
  • Learn Nodejs in a Simple Way
  • Getting started with the ES6 standard
  • Sharp jQuery

I read about a dozen books while working for half a year. In 2018, I plan to continue to read some in-depth books on data structures, algorithms, high performance, and some books on React, PWA, and Node.

Reference: My 2017 year-end summary-Cloud + Community-Tencent Cloud