What does payload mean

What does payload mean

According to the explanation in the dictionary, payload refers to

1. Effective load 2. Load 3. Personnel costs 4. Explosive in the warhead 5. Warhead carried by the rocket

What?? Can't be substituted into the code to understand, are these parameters calculated for the explosive content in the warhead? After some Google, I finally found a fairly reliable answer on stackexchange.

1. explain what payload is. Payload can be understood here 有效载重, but this is only literal. For programmers, what is the effective load is a new problem (the call stack has one more layer...).

To explain what is the effective load, we have to talk about the freight industry. For example, a customer needs to pay a fee to entrust a truck driver to transport a truck of oil. The weight of the oil itself, the weight of the truck, the weight of the driver, etc., all belong to 载重(load). But for this customer, he only cares about the weight of oil, so the weight of oil is 有效载重(pay-load,也就是付费的重量).

So abstract, payload can be understood as the most critical information in a series of information.

Back to the code, for the simplest example, an ajax request returns an object in JSON format

    status: 200,
    hasError: false,
    data: {
        userId: 1,

Here  data is the payload, which is the key information. And  status, hasErrorwaiting for information is load, although it is also information, it is relatively less important.

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