External chain construction of corporate website: What is the standard for the exchange of friendly links?

External chain construction of corporate website: What is the standard for the exchange of friendly links?

High-quality external links are still very useful for newly launched corporate websites. Whether it is for inclusion or traffic, high-quality external links can bring good results. So in the process of external chain construction, what is the standard for the exchange of friendship links? How should the daily maintenance of friendship links be done?

  Friendly Link Exchange Standard: 1. The subject content of the exchange website should be similar or related to the content of your own website; 2. Check whether Baidu's weight is equivalent to that of your own website; 3. Check whether Baidu's inclusion volume is equivalent to your own website's inclusion volume; 4. There should be no more than 40 outbound links (can the individual outbound links be determined based on the actual situation, in principle, no more than 60 is fine, otherwise the weight of your website will be minimal.). 5. Part of the outbound link of the friend chain of the other party's website cannot carry "nofollow".

  After the friendship link exchange is successful, how should the friendship link be maintained in the daily maintenance process?

  Daily maintenance of friendly links: 1. Check website friend links through the webmaster tool, and promptly revoke the websites that the other party has withdrawn privately; 2. Pay attention to the weight of the partner website Baidu, the number of included and outbound links. If the data of the other party’s website decreases significantly, Determine whether there is something wrong with the other party's website. If it is punished, the link must be removed immediately. 3. If the parameters of the other party’s website do not match ours, it needs to be removed and the partner website needs to be notified. The exchange of friendship links is a voluntary principle. If the data on the company's website no longer matches, it can be replaced by a better quality one. In the initial stage of the establishment of the corporate website, it is recommended to check 2-3 times a week, because the website weight and included value are unstable, and the possibility of being replaced by others is relatively high; when the corporate website has passed the novice period, with the weight and inclusion, it can be changed to one week Once; when the corporate website reaches the maturity stage, that is, the weights and inclusions have become stable, but it can be maintained once a month.

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