Tencent becomes a global partner of the United Nations, how does TDSQL support the largest global conference in history

Tencent becomes a global partner of the United Nations, how does TDSQL support the largest global conference in history

On March 30, Eastern Time, the United Nations announced at its headquarters in New York that it had reached a global partnership with Tencent.

Affected by the global epidemic, thousands of events for the 75th anniversary of the United Nations will be moved online and will be carried out on Tencent conferences and corporate WeChat.

This will also be the largest global dialogue in the history of the United Nations. The United Nations issued an official news stating that "this is a brand new and innovative global cooperation".

TDSQL helps Tencent conferences to serve more than 100 countries and regions stably

According to reports, Tencent Meeting’s cloud video conferencing product has more than 10 million daily active accounts, making it the most popular video conferencing application in China. At present, the international version of Tencent Conference has also been launched in more than 100 countries and regions to help the global war against the epidemic.

Since its release at the end of December last year, the Tencent conference has updated 14 versions in 40 days, expanded the capacity of more than 100,000 cloud hosts in 8 days, and invested more than 1 million cores in computing resources. During the resumption of work during the epidemic, tens of thousands of companies and government-related agencies used Tencent meetings to resume work and production every week. Through Tencent meetings, cloud collaboration scenarios such as cloud signing, cloud bidding, cloud interviews, and cloud training were opened up.

Tencent Meetings can currently support 300 online meetings. As the core database of Tencent Meetings, Tencent's financial-grade distributed database TDSQL continues to support Tencent Meetings to provide users with high-speed, smooth, stable and reliable services.

In the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, the United Nations will initiate dialogue invitations to global citizens, and support event participants to organize and participate in online meetings of different scales through Tencent meetings, corporate WeChat and Tencent simultaneous interpretation. TDSQL will continue to help Tencent Meeting to provide a flexible, stable and secure online meeting solution for this UN75 anniversary event.

6 core features, TDSQL's fast, accurate and stable

After 3 months of launching such a hardcore service, Tencent Conference has undoubtedly been widely welcomed by users and has become a national-level office application. Behind the Tencent conference, how does the distributed database TDSQL support the rapid launch of TDSQL and its continuous and stable availability?

As a leading domestic distributed database, TDSQL has provided financial-level distributed database services for more than 500 financial government enterprises, including a number of head banking institutions, and a number of provincial and ministerial-level government agencies. Dozens of users are privately owned Cloud deployment has steadily supported the operation and management of more than 20 billion account data. Numerous financial companies have carried out digital transformation and upgrading.

In fact, TDSQL was born from Tencent’s internal billing scenario. After years of tempering in massive financial-level transaction scenarios, it is suitable for TB or PB-level massive database scenarios. The six core features provided by TDSQL can solve stand-alone database performance bottlenecks and application layer classification. Difficulties such as heavy workload of film development. Here we reveal the 6 core features behind this together:

Strong data consistency: Ensure strong data consistency under the multi-copy architecture to avoid cluster data confusion and loss after a failure.

Financial-grade high availability: Ensure that data can achieve cross-rack, cross-IDC, and cross-city disaster tolerance and data reliability. With the guarantee of automatic disaster tolerance monitoring and automatic failover, it can achieve 99.999% financial-grade high availability. Realize the automatic recovery of failure in seconds, and zero data loss. At the same time, after optimization, TDSQL's current TPS strong synchronization performance is equivalent to asynchronous performance under the cross-IDC network delay, and it will not bring any loss.

High performance and low cost: Supports x86-based deployment, supports read-write separation of three schemes, supports ultra-high performance scenarios while providing development flexibility; Optimized the thread pool scheduling algorithm to perform better under heavy loads.

Linear horizontal expansion: TDSQL has super flexible expansion capabilities, adopts self-developed automatic rebalancing technology to ensure automated expansion and stability, supports online real-time expansion, and the entire expansion process is completely transparent to the business without business downtime. During expansion, only part of the shards are read-only or interrupted in seconds, and the entire cluster will not be affected.

Enterprise-level security: The security of TDSQL has been verified by Tencent's various core businesses for more than 10 years of large-scale products, including social networking, e-commerce, payment, audio and video, etc. In terms of disaster recovery, TDSQL provides complete data backup, disaster recovery, one-click upgrade, fast recovery, database firewall, transparent encryption and other functions. At the same time, it has established a complete monitoring and alarm system. Most failures are processed and restored through automated procedures. .

Convenient operation and maintenance: Improve supporting facilities, including smart DBA, self-service operation management desk, etc., so that more than 90% of the database administrator's daily operations can be completed through the interface, and at the same time, locate and troubleshoot problems more intelligently and quickly.

In addition, after years of development, TDSQL supports a flexible global deployment architecture and rapid automated delivery: in addition to supporting the banking standard "two locations and three centers deployment architecture", it also supports the "same city dual centers" and "two locations four centers" architecture. According to different computer room construction budgets, different disaster tolerance levels can be achieved, and different modes of high availability disaster tolerance can be realized.

In terms of delivery, TDSQL automated deployment commands can be executed repeatedly. After testing, the entire deployment process only takes 9 minutes at the fastest.

Technology creates new power

During the epidemic, TDSQL also quickly supported projects with high concurrency and short lead times, such as multi-regional health codes and small programs for municipal prevention and control platforms, which were successfully launched and operated stably.

Technology creates new power. In this nationwide "anti-epidemic", technology has provided strong technical service support for social industries. Digital technology represented by the Internet has become an indispensable "weapon" in this "war epidemic", such as the wide application of digital tools such as health codes, travel codes, telemedicine, online office, and online education, and their Big data, cloud computing, innovative system architecture, etc., and these technologies not only played an important role in helping us defeat the virus, but also laid the foundation for the digital upgrade of the economy and society.

Now we can also see that these innovations and experiences in response to the epidemic will not dissipate as the epidemic subsides. During the special period, China's digitalization process has not stopped, and the space for innovation and development in the whole society is further opening up in the future. In the birth of the unique cloud computing Internet in the past, and in the future opportunities, our Internet technology will cooperate with the scene to innovate, let's look forward to it together!

TDSQL is one of the three major product lines under Tencent’s TEG database working group. It is a financial-grade distributed database product developed by Tencent. It is currently widely used in finance, government affairs, Internet of Things, smart retail and other industries, with a large number of distributed Database best practices.

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