How much budget does a company need to build a website?

How much budget does a company need to build a website?

Nowadays, when companies build websites, they pay more attention to the control of website construction cost and budget in addition to the function, aesthetics and service assessment of the website. Many companies will consider this issue before making a website, but for companies that are building a website for the first time, they will find that there are many charging items when they come into contact with an online company, and they don't know how to start. Let's take a look at what is included in the cost of building a website, so that the company can better control the budget.

1. The cost of website production mainly includes

1. Domain name

2. Space (Virtual Host)

3. Website production costs

4. Website maintenance fee

2. Domain name (renewal is required every year)

There are not many domestic domain name registrars. The more well-known ones in the country are Wanwang and Xinwang. Almost other small registrars are the agents of these large companies. The domain name registration fee changes every year, but basically the price fluctuates. not very big. It is recommended that users register English domain names such as .com, .net or .cn. Other types are not necessary. Of course, you can also register domain names with other suffixes by protecting the brand.

3. Space/Virtual Host (renewal is required every year)

There are too many virtual hosting providers, such as the relatively large Wanwang, Xinwang, etc., including Hong Kong, China, and the United States. Those who do not want to file can choose foreign hosts. However, if it is a formal company, it is better to file as much as possible. .

If you buy a virtual host, you don’t need to buy it directly from big companies such as Wanwang and Xinwang, because their direct prices are very high, and because they mainly use agency channels, the service to direct customers is not very good. It is recommended to find their agents. Purchase, the price is much lower, general enterprise station, 200M space is enough, the price is about 200 yuan.

4. the cost of website production

The so-called website production cost is actually website program + labor cost. Now there are too many web production companies and the prices are uneven. For example, for a corporate website, some companies can do it for 1,000 yuan, and some companies can do it for 5,000 yuan. If the price is low, it must be bad, but if the price is high, it must be good.

The choice of who to build a website requires the company to communicate with itself. Of course, if you have the conditions, you can download some well-known website building systems, such as pageadmin system, wordpress system, discuz system. These are free downloads and free use, and users only need to spend a bit. Time to familiarize yourself with the functions, and then you can make a very professional website. The website will not be subject to third-party companies, which is very beneficial for later maintenance and expansion.

5. Website maintenance costs

This kind of cost is only available to traditional Internet companies, mainly for information updates, product uploads, etc. Generally speaking, if you use a professional website building system to do it yourself, website maintenance can be done internally by the company itself, because the current website building system is better. All have a powerful and easy-to-use website management backend.

In summary:

The production cost of finding a network company: domain name (100/year) + space (200/year) + website production cost (about 2000 yuan) + maintenance cost (1000/year).

The cost of building a website system: domain name (100/year) + space (200/year) + website production cost (none) + maintenance cost (none).

The above is the approximate cost for a company to build a basic website. Of course, the cost will definitely vary according to the type of website. Different interfaces, different procedures, and even a domain name will make the website construction budget "exceeding". In short, companies should choose a suitable website building service provider according to their own circumstances, so that they can not only ensure the effect of their own corporate website construction, but also save themselves the cost of building a website.

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