How to choose a web space server correctly for an enterprise

How to choose a web space server correctly for an enterprise

The development of the Internet has brought a powerful impact on traditional industries and physical stores. In order to adapt to the development of the times, many companies or individuals have to choose to build websites to maintain existing or new business sources. The quality of the website is directly related to the success or failure of the enterprise, so we must not have problems in any link. In addition to the preliminary design and development of website construction, it is also necessary to select a suitable website space server to build the website. The choice of server has its own skills and methods. If the choice is improper, it is likely to have a great negative impact on the website. Therefore, for companies preparing to build an official website, how should they choose a web space server correctly?

1. the right choice of website space server skills

1. The security of the web space server

1) The security of the space server itself. Because for website construction, website content data security is very important. Therefore, the website server must have a sufficiently high security level and anti-attack protection measures, and it is best to provide daily/weekly data backup services to ensure website data security.

2) The security of other websites under the same website server. Since many webmasters now use shared virtual hosting, this means that there are many other users' websites under the same IP. Therefore, it is necessary to check that all the web space servers are safe and regular websites when choosing. If other websites violate the law, squeeze the ball or use black hat SEO to cause the website to be punished and downgraded, this will have an adverse effect on the safety of your website construction and SEO optimization. Remember to pay attention to this.

2. The stability of the web space server

The stability of the server space is also very critical. If your server space often cannot be opened, then it is definitely a big taboo for the website. When search engine spiders enter your website, there will be no way to crawl the content, which will cause your website to not be trusted by search engines, thereby greatly reducing the crawling and crawling rate of search spiders on your website. , This will affect the page inclusion of a website. Be sure to choose a server with stable performance like HostEase, RAKsmart, etc.

If your website is still a just-started website with little weight, then search engines will think that your website has not been built, and even judge that you have closed your website. Someone once used a free space, and a similar situation occurred every three to five. The website often failed to open and could not be solved. As a result, the website was directly left by K and left only the homepage, and the website was also called back for a few months at the same time. In the previous state, only a few pages were included after a long time. Therefore, when we choose server space, we can’t choose which one is cheap, but we still need to consider stability.

3. Server access speed

In order to avoid the trouble of website filing, many webmasters choose to store their websites in overseas server spaces. However, some server spaces with poor quality are opened very slowly in China, which seriously affects the user experience. If a website is opened for more than 5 seconds, most users will choose to close the website, which will result in a high bounce rate. At the same time, webpages crawled by search engines are accessed according to the identity of tourists. If search spiders encounter many obstacles when crawling webpages, they will choose to give up actively, which will lead to unsatisfactory inclusion of the website.

Search engines serve users. If the access speed is very slow and the bounce rate is very high, this is very bad for the website. Therefore, when selecting server space, enterprises must ensure that the access speed meets the requirements of most users.

2. other considerations for the correct choice of web space server

1. The enterprise uses the website

Whether it is a personal website or a corporate website, whether it is for hobbies or business needs. The former is generally only used for blog posts, self-display, etc., and the budget does not need to be large. The requirements are relatively higher.

2. Filing or not

Generally, domestic hosts need to file for websites, but foreign and Hong Kong hosts can save this step. However, there will be a certain delay in data transmission across the sea, and it will be slower for the mainland to access overseas hosts, or access to mainland hosts from overseas, so it is best to choose a computer room closer to the target customer.

3. Space size

In the current era of rapid increase in the amount of information and data, 500M of space on an ordinary corporate website is sufficient for nearly 1,000 pictures and tens of thousands of news articles. There are still many simple corporate websites that use a space below 500M, because the website has no content or picture information, and is a relatively simple display website. The 500M space can be used for corporate websites, personal blog websites, and small forums and mall websites. However, with the increasing content and number of files, it is necessary to expand and increase the server space of the website. This general server space provider is Support expansion space.

4. Flow rate

Some spaces are limited to traffic every month, and some are not limited. Enterprises should pay attention to these when purchasing. Generally choose not to limit traffic.

5. Number of concurrent iis connections

The popular point is how many people can be online at the same time, and many virtual spaces have restrictions when companies buy.

6. Host environment

Different system environments correspond to different development needs. Which one is more suitable? If you need to use ASP in the development, choose Windows website space, use PHP to choose Linux will be more stable and efficient, in addition, Win host is also compatible with multiple versions of .NET series.

7. Database

If it is an ASP program, the access database used shares the space with the website program, and no separate database space is required. Other databases such as mysql and mssql require separate space. According to the content of the website, generally a small 500M website is sufficient.

8. Host price

The budget for a website varies from person to person, but if you can save it, if you want to buy a cheap website space, you can usually pay more attention to the relevant discounts, so that under the same configuration, you can buy the best price products with full discounts or discounts.


The choice of website server space directly affects the SEO effect of the website, so companies should fully consider their own situation when buying, and pay more attention to some small details, which is also very helpful for SEO.

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